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Name Title Option Advisor
Chari, Celia S. Degradation of Ceramic Surfaces and its Mitigation: From Electric Propulsion to Cultural Heritage MS Faber
Gallivan, Rebecca Anne The Role of Boundaries and Other Microstructural Features on Emergent Mechanical and Mechanically-Coupled Phenomena at the Nanoscale MS Greer
Lohaus, Stefan P. Hägeli Experimental Study on the Thermodynamic Interactions of Phonons and Magnetism in Fe Systems MS Fultz
Lucas, Éowyn Advancement of Asymmetric Bipolar Membranes for Tailoring Chemical Environments in Electrochemical Systems MS Atwater
Phelan, Megan Elisabeth Optimization of Photovoltaic Performance for Luminescent Solar Concentrator Systems MS Atwater
Quine, Cullen M. Tunability of Gas Adsorption Enthalpies in Carbonaceous Materials for Energy-Related Applications MS Fultz, Ahn
Wang, Ziyi Temperature Dependence of Gas Physisorption Energy: Experimental and Computational Studies of Krypton on Porous Carbon MS Fultz
Cheng, Peishi Stephen Charge and Heat Transport in Non-Metallic Crystals Using First-Principles Boltzmann Transport Theory MS Minnich
Corona, Sydney Lea Emerging Evidence of a Second Glass Phase in Strong to Ultra-Fragile Bulk Metallic Glass-Forming Liquids MS Johnson, Samwer
Gao, Yang Extending the Capability of Classical Quantum Many-Body Methods MS Chan, Minnich
Herren, Benjamin Riley Oxidative and Internal Stress Effects of Dopants in Multilayer Yb₂Si₂O₇ Environmental Barrier Coatings MS Faber
Loke, Samuel Pei Hao Photovoltaic Technologies Developed for Space-Based Solar Power MS Atwater
Needell, David Robert High-Efficiency Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Photovoltaic Applications MS Atwater
Saunders, Claire Nicole Thermal Behavior of Cuprous Oxide: a Comprehensive Study of Three-Body Phonon Effects and Beyond MS Fultz
Arai, Noriaki Freeze Casting of Ceramics: Pore Design from Solidification Principles MS Faber
Buabthong, Pakpoom (Pai) Stability and Protective Coatings of Semiconductor Electrodes for Solar Fuel Devices MS Lewis
Chen, Yalu Computational Investigation of Nanoscale Electrocatalysts for Clean Energy Conversion MS Goddard
Edwards, Bryce Walker Mechanical Investigations: Experimental Fracture Techniques and Frozen Small-Molecule Organics MS Greer
Kennedy, Kathleen Marie Renewable Energy Generation and Storage: From Microwires to Macro-Energy Systems MS Lewis
Kuo, Claire Taijung Customized Porosity in Ceramic Composites via Freeze Casting MS Faber
Narita, Kai 3D Architected Battery Electrodes for Exploring Battery Kinetics from Nano to Millimeter MS Greer
Brodnik, Neal Ryan Fracture and Toughening of Brittle Structures with Designed Anisotropy MS Faber, Ravichandran
Cheng, Wen-Hui (Sophia) Towards High Solar to Fuel Efficiency: From Photonic Design, Interface Study, to Device Integration MS Atwater
Citrin, Michael Andrew Nanomechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Li and Fabrication of 3D Architected Cathodes for Li-Based Batteries MS Greer
Herriman, Jane Elizabeth Phonon Thermodynamics and Elastic Behavior of GaN and GaAs at High Temperatures and Pressures MS Fultz
Kwong, Anthony Herman Fu-Hao Mechanical Properties of Small-Scale Sputtered Metallic Glasses MS Greer
Lu, I-Te First-Principles Calculations of Electron-Defect Interactions and Defect-Limited Charge Transport MS Bernardi
Yee, Daryl Wei Liang Additive Manufacturing of 3D Functional Materials: From Surface Chemistry to Combustion-Derived Materials MS Greer
Bukowsky, Colton Robert Scalable Nanophotonic Light Management Design for Solar Cells MS Atwater
Fleischman, Dagny Nanophotonic Structures: Fundamentals and Applications in Narrowband Transmission Color Filtering MS Atwater
Giwa, Adenike Monsurat Microstructure and Small-Scale Deformation of Al₀.₇CoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy MS Greer
Kim, Laura Novel Light Emitting Mechanisms Originating from Graphene Plasmons Near and Far from Equilibrium MS Atwater
Lifson, Max Louis Electromechanical Properties of 3D Multifunctional Nano-Architected Materials MS Greer
Omelchenko, Stefan Thomas Towards a Net-zero Carbon Energy System: High Efficiency Photovoltaics and Electrocatalysts MS Lewis, Atwater
Paik, Haemin Development of Electrocatalysts in Solid Acid Fuel Cells MS Haile
Qian, Jin From Quantum Mechanics to Experimental Observables: Computational Investigations of Energy-Related Heterogeneous Catalysts MS Goddard
Robbins, Andrew Beyer Exploring Microscopic Thermal Transport Properties of Molecular Crystals with Simulations and Experiments MS Minnich
Tan, Wei Lin Polycrystalline Perovskite Ferroelectrics: Microstructural Origins of the Macroscale Electromechanical Response MS Kochmann, Faber
Tertuliano, Ottman Aeman Small-Scale Deformation and Fracture of Hard Biomaterials MS Greer
Thomas, Nathan Hoover Passive and Active Control of Radiative Heat Flow MS Minnich
Thompson, Jonathan Ross Unconventional Approaches to Structured Semiconductors MS Lewis
Weadock, Nicholas Joseph Addressing Thermodynamic Inefficiencies of Hydrogen Storage in Transition Metal Hydrides MS Fultz
Xia, Xiaoxing Adaptive and Reconfigurable Architected Materials Driven by Electrochemistry MS Greer
Yalamanchili, Sisir Light Management in Photovoltaics and Photoelectrochemical Cells using Tapered Micro and Nano Structures MS Atwater, Lewis
Yang, Fred Chae-Reem High Temperature Electron-Phonon and Magnon-Phonon Interactions MS Fultz
Chernow, Victoria Fay Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of 3D Nanolattice Photonic Crystals for Bandgap and Refractive Index Engineering MS Greer
Floyd, Michael Cameron Dawley Development of Ferromagnetic Metallic Glasses into Low Loss Power Transformer Cores MS Johnson
Hoff, Andrew Taylor Understanding the Origin of Glass Forming Ability in Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Jiang, Jingjing Interfacial and Stability Studies of Photocathodes for Hydrogen Evolution MS Lewis
Kang, Stephen Dongmin Charge Transport Analysis Using the Seebeck Coefficient-Conductivity Relation MS Snyder
Kim, Dennis Sungtae Silicon Revisited: Understanding Pure Phonon Anharmonicity and the Effects on Thermophysical Properties MS Fultz
Kucharczyk, Christopher James High-throughput Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode Materials MS Haile
Lloyd, John Vickery Optoelectronic Design and Prototyping of Spectrum-Splitting Photovoltaics MS Atwater
Luo, Shi Microstructural Effects on Diffusion and Mechanical Properties in Different Material Systems MS Greer
Ni, Xiaoyue Probing Microplastic Deformation in Metallic Materials MS Greer, Adhikari
Sherrott, Michelle Caroline Active Infrared Nanophotonics in van der Waals Materials MS Atwater
Tozier, Dylan Douglas Cathode Design for High Energy Molten Salt Lithium-Oxygen Batteries MS Greer
Zhou, Xinghao Performance and Stability Optimization of Solar Fuel Devices MS Lewis
Batara, Nicolas Anthony Spontaneous Pattern Formation in Photoelectrodeposited Semiconductor Films MS Atwater, Lewis
Collins, Lincoln Nash Optimal Design of Materials for Energy Conversion MS Bhattacharya
Darbe, Sunita Optics for High-Efficiency Full Spectrum Photovoltaics MS Atwater
Ji, Ho-Il Redox Kinetics of Nonstoichiometric Oxides MS Haile
Johnson, Samantha Jo Iva Computational Investigation of Small Molecule Catalysis by Cobalt, Rhodium, and Iridium Molecular Catalysts MS Goddard
Murialdo, Maxwell Robert Anomalous Thermodynamics of Nonideal Gas Physisorption on Nanostructured Carbons MS Fultz
Ohno, Saneyuki Phase Boundary Mapping for Exploring New Thermoelectric Zintl Compounds MS Snyder
Saadi, Fadl Hussein Acid-Stable Electrocatalysts for the Solar Production of Fuels MS Lewis
Verlage, Erik A. High-Efficiency Solar Fuel Devices: Protection and Light Management Utilizing TiO2 MS Atwater
Xu, Chen The Catalytic and Mechanical Properties of Lithium Battery Electrodes MS Greer
Bajaj, Saurabh Phase Diagrams and Defect Thermodynamics to Devise Doping Strategies in Lead Chalcogenide Thermoelectric Materials and its Alloys MS Snyder
Chen, Christopher Tien Heteroepitaxy of Group IV and Group III-V semiconductor alloys for photovoltaic applications MS Atwater
Chen, David Zhaoyue Atomic-Level Structure and Deformation in Metallic Glasses MS Greer
Coronel, Naomi Cristina Earth-Abundant Zinc-IV-Nitride Semiconductors MS Atwater
Emmer, Hal S. Paths Towards High Efficiency Silicon Photovoltaics MS Atwater
Kaltenboeck, Georg Investigation of Capacitive Discharge Heating of Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Kim, Hyun-Sik Thermoelectric Properties of Bismuth Antimony Telluride Alloys MS Snyder
Shing, Amanda M. Development of Zn-IV-Nitride Semiconductor Materials and Devices MS Lewis, Atwater
Tang, Yinglu Thermoelectric Skutterudites: Why and How High zT Can Be Achieved MS Snyder
Tolstova, Yulia Cu₂O Heterojunction Photovoltaics MS Atwater
Tracy, Sally June Polaron Hopping in Olivine Phosphates Studied by Nuclear Resonant Scattering MS Fultz
Balaji Gopal, Chirranjeevi Ab-Initio and Experimental Techniques for Studying Non-Stoichiometry and Oxygen Transport in Mixed Conducting Oxides MS Haile, van de Walle
Callahan, Dennis Michael Nanophotonic Light Trapping In Thin Solar Cells MS Atwater
Ji, Chenguang Design of Antenna-Coupled Lumped-Element Titanium Nitride KIDs for LongWavelength Multi-Band Continuum Imaging MS Golwala
Lydon, Joseph John II Nonlinear Effects in Granular Crystals with Broken Periodicity MS Daraio
Tsai, Ho-Cheng Quantum Mechanics Studies of Fuel Cell Catalysts and Proton Conducting Ceramics with Validation by Experiment MS Goddard
Usiskin, Robert Ezra Surface Activity and Bulk Defect Chemistry of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes MS Haile
Wilson, Samantha Stricklin Zn-VI/Cu2O Heterojunctions for Earth-Abundant Photovoltaics MS Atwater
Yang, Chih-Kai An Exploration of Perovskite Materials for Thermochemical Water Splitting MS Haile
Demers, Steven Brian Advanced Density Functional Theory Methods tor Materials Science MS van de Walle
Heinz, Nicholas A. Microstructure Control and Iodine Doping of Bismuth Telluride MS Snyder, Haile
Liu, Xiao A Study on Iron-Based Amorphous Alloys: Alloy Development, Thermodynamics and Soft Magnetism MS Johnson
Roberts, Scott Nolan Developing and Characterizing Bulk Metallic Glasses for Extreme Applications MS Johnson, Hofmann
Smith, Hillary Leigh Phase Transformations and Entropy of Non-Equilibrium Materials MS Fultz
Wang, Heng High Temperature Transport Properties of Lead Chalcogenides and Their Alloys MS Snyder
Wei, Wei Microfluidics-Based Single-Cell Functional Proteomics Microchip for Portraying Protein Signal Transduction Networks within the Framework of Physicochemical Principles, with Applications in Fundamental and Translational Cancer Research MS Heath
Zevalkink, Alexandra Chain-Forming Zintl Antimonidcs as Novel Thermoelectric Materials MS Snyder
Darvish, Davis Solomon Cu₂O Substrates and Epitaxial Cu₂O/ZnO Thin Film Heterostructures for Solar Energy Conversion MS Atwater
Garrett, Glenn Robert Study of the Origins of Toughness in Amorphous Metals MS Johnson
Ikeda, Ayako Superprotonic Solid Acids: Thermochemistry, Structure, and Conductivity MS Haile
Leenheer, Andrew Jay Light to Electrons to Bonds: Imaging Water Splitting and Collecting Photoexcited Electrons MS Atwater
Mishra, Himanshu Proton Transfers at the Air-Water Interface MS Goddard, Hoffmann
Muñoz, Jorge Alberto Electronic Structure and Phonon Thermodynamics of Iron Alloys MS Fultz
Oh, Tae-Sik Electrical, Electrochemical, and Optical Characterization of Ceria Films MS Haile
Panithipongwut, Chatr Phase Behavior of Complex Superprotonic Solid Acids MS Haile
Pomrehn, Gregory Schoelerman Phase Stability and Defect Behavior in Complex Thermoelectric Zinc-Antimonides MS van de Walle, Snyder
Stadie, Nicholas P. Synthesis and Thermodynamic Studies of Physisorptive Energy Storage Materials MS Fultz, Ahn
Varga, Aron Advancing Electrocatalysis in Solid Acid Fuel Cells MS Haile
An, Qi Atomistic Simulations of Material Properties under Extreme Conditions MS Goddard
Jennings, Andrew Tynes Deformation Mechanisms in Nanoscale Single Crystalline Electroplated Copper Pillars MS Greer
Langeland, Krista S. Thin-Film Silicon Photovoltaics: Characterization of Thin-Film Deposition and Analysis of Enhanced Light Trapping from Scattering Nanoparticle Arrays MS Atwater
Li, Chen W. Phonon Anharmonicity of Ionic Compounds and Metals MS Fultz
Mendoza-Cortes, Jose Luis Design of Molecules and Materials for Applications in Clean Energy, Catalysis and Molecular Machines Through Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations MS Goddard
Raney, Jordan Robert Hierarchical Structures of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes as Low-Density Energy-Dissipative Materials MS Daraio
Tan, Hongjin A Study of the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of LiₓFePO₄ as a Cathode Material for Li Batteries MS Fultz
Tiwary, Pratyush Atomistic Simulations of Materials: Methods for Accurate Potentials and Realistic Time-Scales MS van de Walle
Yu, Ted H. Degradations and Improvements in PEM Fuel Cell Materials: A Computational Study MS Goddard
Briggs, Ryan Morrow Hybrid Silicon Nanophotonic Devices: Enhancing Light Emission, Modulation, and Confinement MS Atwater
Brown, Evan Cornell Electrochemically Deposited Ceria Structures for Advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cells MS Haile
Chueh, William C. Electrochemical and Thermochemical Behavior of CeO₂-δ MS Haile
Han, Si-ping DNA Directed Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotube Structures MS Goddard
Winterrose, Michael Lon Quantum Mechanical Simulation and X-Ray Scattering Applied to Pressure-Induced Invar Anomaly in Magnetic Iron Alloy MS Fultz
Diest, Kenneth Alexander Active Metal-Insulator-Metal Plasmonic Devices MS Atwater
Hofmann, Carrie Elizabeth Optics at the Nanoscale: Light Emission in Plasmonic Nanocavities MS Atwater
Purewal, Justin Hydrogen Adsorption by Alkali Metal Graphite Intercalation Compounds MS Fultz, Ahn
Sasaki, Kenji Alexander Electrochemical Characterization of Solid Acid Fuel Cell Electrodes MS Haile
Schramm, Joseph Paul Mechanical Performance of Amorphous Metallic Cellular Structures MS Johnson
Wiest, Aaron Thermoplastic Forming and Related Studies of the Supercooled Liquid Region of Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Hansen, Benjamin Lee Modeling Metallic Single Crystal Plastic Hardening Through the Evolution of Dislocation Subgrain Structures MS Ortiz
Hofmann, Douglas Clayton Designing Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites with High Toughness and Tensile Ductility MS Johnson
Kislitsyn, Mikhail N. Materials Chemistry of Superprotonic Solid Acids MS Haile
Kogan, Oleg Boris Stochastic and Collective Properties of Nonlinear Oscillators MS Cross
Kresch, Max G. Temperature Dependence of Phonons in Elemental Cubic Metals Studied by Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons and X-Rays MS Fultz
Lucas, Matthew Steven Cluster Expansion Applied to Inelastic Scattering Experiments MS Fultz
Matsuda, Yuki Ab Initio Quantum Mechanical Studies in Electronic and Structural Properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Silicon Nanowires MS Goddard
Suh, Jin-Yoo Fracture Toughness Study on Bulk Metallic Glasses and Novel Joining Method Using Bulk Metallic Glass Solder MS Johnson
Duan, Gang Simulations, Modeling, and Designs of Bulk Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Lind, Mary Laura Ultrasonic Investigation of the Elastic Properties and Liquid Fragility of Bulk Metallic Glasses in the Supercooled Liquid Region MS Johnson
Tanabe, Katsuaki Low-Cost High-Efficiency Solar Cells with Wafer Bonding and Plasmonic Technologies MS Atwater
Babilo, Peter Processing and Characterization of Proton Conducting Yttrium Doped Barium Zirconate for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications MS Haile
Brown, Michal Amaris Measuring Stress in Thin-Film - Substrate Systems Featuring Spatial Nonuniformities of Film Thickness and/or Misfit Strain MS Rosakis
Cowan, Lisa Superprotonic Solid Acid Phase Transitions and Stability MS Haile
Dodd, Joanna Lynn Phase Composition and Dynamical Studies of Lithium Iron Phosphate MS Fultz, Yazami
Harmon, John Shelby, III Experimental Studies of Elasticity, Plastic Flow, and Anelasticity in Metallic-Glass-Forming-Liquids MS Johnson
Lai, Wei Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for the Electrochemical Study of Mixed Conducting Ceria MS Haile
Lohwongwatana, Boonrat Development, Characterization, and Applications of Gold and Platinum Bulk Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Miao, Shu Electronic Structure and Bonding in Energy Storage Materials MS Fultz
Veazey, Christopher Thomas Amorphous Metallic Foam: Synthesis and Mechanical Properties MS Johnson
Delaire, Olivier The Phonon Entropy of Transition Metals and Alloys: Effects of Impurities and of a Martensitic Phase Transition MS Fultz
Papandrew, Alexander Blair The Effects of High Pressure on the Vibrational and Magnetic Properties of Iron-Based Materials MS Fultz
Swan-Wood, Tabitha Liana Vibrational Entropy Contributions to the Phase Stability of Iron- and Aluminum-Based Binary Alloys MS Fultz
Lee, Seung-Yub Deformation Mechanisms of Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites MS Ustundag, Johnson
Mukherjee, Sundeep Study of Crystallization Behavior, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Bulk Metallic Glasses Using Noncontact Electrostatic Levitation Technique MS Johnson
Staneff, Geoffrey D. High-Pressure Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials MS Asimow
Wu, Jian Defect Chemistry and Proton Conductivity in Ba-based Perovskites MS Haile
Xu, Donghua Development of Novel Binary and Multi-Component Bulk Metallic Glasses MS Johnson
Zhang, Qingsong Atomistic Simulation of Barium Titanate MS Goddard
Boysen, Dane Andrew Superprotonic Solid Acids: Structure, Properties, and Applications MS Haile
Hunt, Cynthia Lee Transition-Edge Superconducting Antenna-Coupled Bolometer MS Lange
Lin, Jiao Mössbauer Diffractometry: Principles, Practice, and an Application to a Study of Chemical Order in ⁵⁷Fe₃Al MS Fultz
Oldham, Neal Curtis Investigation of Spintronic Materials Systems: Deposition and Characterization MS McGill
Rogan, Robert Cashman Investigation of the Multiscale Constitutive Behavior of Ferroelectric Materials Using Advanced Diffraction Techniques MS Ustundag
Swift, Geoffrey Allen Neutron Diffraction Study of In Situ-Reinforced Silicon Nitride during Creep MS Ustundag
Waniuk, Theodore Andrew Viscosity and Crystallization in a Series of Zr-based Bulk Amorphous Alloys MS Johnson
Chisholm, Calum Ronald Inneas Superprotonic Phase Transitions in Solid Acids: Parameters Affecting the Presence and Stability of Superprotonic Transitions in the MHₙXO₄ Family of Compounds (X=S,Se,P,As; M=Li,Na,K,NH₄,Rb,Cs) MS Haile
Graetz, Jason Allan Electronic Environments and Electrochemical Properties in Lithium Storage Materials MS Fultz
Hanan, Jay Clarke Damage Evolution in Uniaxial SiC Fiber Reinforced Ti Matrix Composites MS Ustundag
Lee, Hyon-Jee Molecular Dynamics Studies of Metallic Glasses MS Johnson, Goddard
Bogdanoff, Peter David The Phonon Entropy of Metals and Alloys: The Effects of Thermal and Chemical Disorder MS Fultz
Wang, Guofeng First Principles Based Multiscale Modeling of Single Crystal Plasticity: Application to BCC Tantalum MS Goddard
Glade, Stephen Clarke The Cu47Ti34Zr11Ni8 glass-forming alloy : thermophysical properties, crystallization, and the effect of small alloying additions on the thermal stability MS Johnson
Hightower, Adrian Lithium electronic environments in rechargeable battery electrodes MS Fultz
Kim, Choongnyun Paul Ductile phase reinforced bulk metallic glass composites formed by chemical partitioning MS Johnson
Manley, Michael Edward From Elementary Excitations to Microstructures: the Thermodynamics of Metals and Alloys Across Length Scales MS Fultz
Qi, Yue Molecular dynamics (MD) studies on phase transformation and deformation behaviors in FCC metals and alloys MS Goddard
Ye, Yun Interaction of hydrogen with novel carbon materials MS Fultz, Ahn
Min, Kyu Sung Synthesis and properties of light-emitting Si-based nanostructures MS Atwater
Witham, Charles Kincaid The effects of alloy chemistry on the electrochemical and hydriding properties of NI-substituted LaNi5 MS Fultz
Choi-Yim, Haein Synthesis and characterization of bulk metallic glass matrix composities MS Johnson
Masuhr, Andreas Viscous flow and crystallization of bulk metallic glass forming liquids MS Johnson
Conner, Robert Dale Mechanical properties of bulk metallic glass matrix composites MS Rosakis, Johnson
Dandliker, Richard B. Bulk metallic glass matrix composites : processing, microstructure, and application as a kinetic energy penetrator MS Johnson
Frase, Heather N. Vibrational and magnetic properties of mechanically attrited Ni3Fe nanocrystals MS Fultz
Taylor, Maggie Elizabeth Pulsed laser deposition : energetic growth effects in group iv semiconductor materials MS Atwater
Nagel, Laura Jeanne Vibrational entropy differences in materials MS Fultz
Yang, Chih Meng Manipulation of Si and Ge Crystallization MS Atwater
Hong, Liubo Structures and stabilities of nanocrystalline materials synthesized by mechanical alloying and modeled as driven alloys MS Fultz
Stephens, Tab Allen Chemical environment selectivity in Mossbauer diffraction MS Fultz
Bruck, Hugh Alan Quasi-static and dynamic constitutive characterization of beryllium bearing bulk metallic glasses MS Rosakis, Johnson
Chen, Jen-Sue Ohmic contacts to beta silicon carbide : electrical and metallurgical characterizations MS Nicolet
Jain, Mohit Kumar Processing and mechanical behavior of ultrafine grain materials MS Christman
Musgrave, Charles Bruce Molecular Mechanics and Ab Initio Simulations of Silicon (111) Surface Reconstructions, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Superlattices, H Abstraction for Nanotechnology, Polysilane, and Growth of CVD Diamond MS Goddard
Gao, Zheng-Quiang The kinetics of ordering, grain growth and chemical segregation in nonequilibrium Fe3X alloys (X=Al, Si and Ge) MS Fultz
Hashim, Imran Microstructural and magnetic properties of polycrystalline and epitaxial permalloy (Ni80Fe20) multilayered thin films MS Atwater
Liu, Wen-Shu Oxidation of GeSi and applications MS Nicolet, Vreeland
Peker, Atakan Formation and characterization of bulk metallic glasses MS Johnson
Suzuki, Hideyuki Scintillation mechanisms of cerium-doped rare earth oxyorthosilicates MS Tombrello
Abe, Yoshio Formation and stability of nanocrystalline alloys synthesized by mechanical milling MS Johnson
Anthony, Lawrence Kinetics of disorder -> order transformations in highly nonequilibrium materials MS Fultz
Fu, Zezhong The mechanical alloying of aluminum and zirconium MS Johnson
Ouyang, Hao Grain boundaries of nanophase materials MS Fultz
Tsai, Cho-Jen Low energy ion-surface interaction and epitaxial growth in the SiGe system MS Atwater
Workman, Thomas Wilson Analysis of collision cascades in titanium deuteride by D-D fusion MS Nicolet
Krueger, Barry Robert Shock-wave processing of powder mixtures MS Vreeland
Mehra, Madhav The Atomic Structure of Some Metallic Glasses and the Influence of the Preparation Technique on the Amorphous State MS Vreeland, Johnson
Marzwell, Neville Ingersoll Influence of composition on the structure, electric and magnetic properties of Pd-Mn-P and Pd-Co-P amorphous alloys MS Duwez
Yagii, Keikichi Effect of pressure on mechanical behavior of filled elastomers MS Tschoegl
Ayers, Raymond Dean Hall coefficient and resistivity of an amorphous palladium-silicon alloy MS Duwez
Madhukar, Anupam Theory of s-d Exchange Scattering in Dilute Magnetic Alloys MS Duwez
Baskes, Michael I. A generalized treatment of the order-disorder transformation in alloys and its effects on their magnetic properties MS Buffington
Jassby, Kenneth Mark An experimental study of the mobility of edge dislocations in pure copper single crystals MS Vreeland
Newkirk, Lawrence Ronald Band structure and transport properties of simple cubic tellurium-base alloys MS Duwez, Tsuei
Rastogi, Prabhat Kumar I. Kinetics of Coarsening of the Gamma-Prime Precipitate in Ni-Si Alloys. II. Rate of Crystallisation of an Amorphous Fe-P-C Alloy MS Duwez
Trenholme, John Burgess Superconducting Proximity Effect Currents in Indium Above its Transition Temperature MS Mason
Curro, John Gillette Theoretical Investigation of the Effect of Intramolecular Interactions on the Configuration of Polymeric Chains MS Pings, Blatz
Hasegawa, Ryusuke Conduction-electron localized-moment interaction in palladium-silicon base amorphous alloys containing transition metals MS Duwez, Tsuei
Maitrepierre, Philippe Louis Influence of Composition on the Structure and Properties of Fe-Pd-P and Ni-Pd-P Amorphous Alloys MS Duwez
Turner, Arthur P.L. The Effect of Stress and Temperature on the Velocity of Dislocations in Pure Iron Monocrystals MS Vreeland
Krause, Daniel Julius Discontinuous Yielding and Fracture Initiation Near a Notch in Mild Steel MS Wood
Lin, Stephen Chung-Hsiung Structure and Properties of an Amorphous Ferromagnetic Alloy MS Duwez, Pings
Weiner, Martin Eric Magnetic moments in amorpous palladium-cobalt-silicon alloys MS Duwez
Blish, Richard Clark, III Dislocation Velocity and Slip on the {1̅21̅2} <12̅13> Systems of Zinc MS Vreeland
Greenman, William Franklin Dislocation Mobility in Pure Copper Single Crystals MS Vreeland
Pope, David Peter The Mobility of Edge Dislocations in the Basal Slip System of Zinc MS Vreeland
Clausing, Don Paul The tensile fracture of mild steel MS Wood, Clark
Maserjian, Joseph Conduction through thin titanium dioxide films MS Mead
Moon, Donald Wayne Influence of Dislocation Mobility on the Yield in Silicon-Iron MS Vreeland
Tsuei, Chang-chyi Electrical Resistance and Thermoelectric Power of the Metastable phases in Tellurium-Base Alloys MS Duwez
Adams, Kenneth Hoyt Dislocation Mobility and Density in Zinc Single Crystals MS Vreeland, Wood
King, Kenneth Robert Dynamic Shear Deformation in Zinc Crystals MS Wood, Clark